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Attacus Atlas: The Butterfly That Disguises As A Snake (Photos)

Attacus Atlas, a stunning butterfly disguised as a snake, is the largest member of the Saturniidae family and the largest moth in the world.

Considered one of the largest butterflies in the world. Attacus Atlas comes from the rainforests of Malaysia and is about 30 inches wide and about 25 inches long, which is thirty times larger than the average butterfly.

One of the characteristics of these insects is that their food and nutrients are completely absorbed during the larval stage. As an adult, Attacus Atlas has a closed mouth so he will never eat like a butterfly for the rest of his life, so they live almost two weeks.

With this mechanism, this butterfly has sacrificed its longevity for the sake of producing the largest offspring.

This caterpillar feeds on the leaves of various plants such as Muntingia calabura, Annona muricata, Cinnamomum verum, Nephelium lappaceum and Citrus.

The caterpillar of the atlas moth can reach a length of 11.5 cm and is blue-green in color with a long ridge on its back. The young caterpillar was covered with white essence. In addition to expanding the abdominal segment, they have a large dimensional green dot on each side surrounded by orange.

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