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3 Most deadly fruits you need to know

Fruits provide essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins to our body. But excessive intake and wrong way of consumption can be deadly as well. 

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Some fruits and seeds contain poison too, for instance the cyanide which can cause distress and lead to death.

1. Manchineel

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The beach apple is another name for manchineel is very deceitful. The appearance of these fruits are attractive and tasty but also deadly. It is a native Caribbean and Mexican fruit. Taking an easy bit of the fruit is dangerous as it causes oral and passageway ulcerations and conjointly severe edema. The poison from this fruit causes cervical pain when it reaches the body fluid nodes. Burning the tree also irritates the eyes and can cause dermatitis upon touching it. The toxicant sap is commonly used by Caribbean Aboriginal to apply on their arrows to form poison.

2. Strychnine fruit

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Strychnine fruit plant is a native southern Asia and Australia fruit plant. It was used for hundred of years to provide poison round the world. Any bit from this fruit is dangerous and can cause death.

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Dried seeds from it may cause high blood pressure, severe stomach ache and heart failure. Abusive intake can equally affect a persons senses.

3. European spindle

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The fruits from European spindle tree and the tree itself have a laxative effect and when taken excessively can cause extreme abdominal pain. It is advise not to consume more than 3 seeds to avoid undesirable effect. Shrub poisoning symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting.

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However, European spindle tree is helpful as food for birds and insects. It also provides smart quality charcoals.

Thus, it of importance to know the kind of fruits you consume and also appropriately.

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