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Meet Tarok People And Their Beautiful Lifestyle

Tarok is a Nigeria ethnic group chiefly found in the Hills of Southeastern part of Plateau state, Nigeria. In other words, the Tarok ethnic group originated from Central and southern part of Africa. In Nigeria, we have over 1 million native speakers of Tarok language, but it is believed that the Tarok people are mainly found in Jos North, Jos South and Barikin Ladi Local Government Areas of Plateau state.

Tarok Traditions

In Nigeria, Tarok People are famously known with their hunting activities. The vast majority of Tarok People eliminated any kind of Business and concentrated on hunting and fishing activities. The inhabitants of Tarok People also show their talent in the field of Cultural and creative arts. Although the Tarok people converted to Christianity, they still had the patriarchal worship of their ancestors. Grandparents and orim, are represented by inspired women who give birth after menstruation.

Tarok Religion

Before the presentation of Christianity missionaries in the early 1900s. The Tarok people are predominantly practicing traditional religion. The Tarok Traditional religion includes giving sacrifice to Stone, mountains and other related objects. But after the introduction of Islamic and Christianity religion the vast majority of Tarok People eliminated any kind of practices and concentrated on Christianity religion while a lesser Number of Tarok People adopted to believed in Islamic religion.

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