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Mixed Reactions As Man Shares 'Before And After' Photos Of Himself And Two Male Lions

A man identified as Dean Schneider on Twitter has consistently proven he has a special connection with animals; lions to be precise. Myself and about 90% of the people who are going to read this article can't come close to a lion, 'you get the liver ni'? If you viewed my previous article then I assume you have already watched the video when Dean returned to the jungle after being absent for about 5 weeks, only for the lions to give him a warm welcome.

So today, Dean shared a post on Twitter that has gotten massive reactions within hours. He uploaded two interesting photos and tagged it, 'How It Started... How It's Going'.

This is confirmation that Dean has been hanging out with these lions when they were much younger and I think they've become familiar with him. From the picture below you can see clearly that these lions are still very young, lacking much fur, but this doesn't mean they are not dangerous.

Moving on, he shared another photo and this photo is a recent one. You can see that the male lions are well grown, scarier, and of course, more dangerous.

If you view Dean Schneider's Twitter page, on his bio he wrote, "my mission is to bring animals into people's hearts". And obviously, Dean is doing a great job with that as he let other humans know that some animals are not really the way people see them. However, many Twitter users hopped into the comment section to give their thoughts. Check out mixed reactions below:

A Twitter user even brought up another topic similar to Dean's as he said in 2005, a South African man adopted a baby hippo after rescuing it from a river. After six years of bonding between the two, the hippo dragged him into a river and killed him; I honestly don't know how true that statement is.

What do you think about this? Kindly leave your comments below. And please, don't forget to like, share, and also follow me for more interesting articles. Thanks.

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