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The Sacred Crocodiles of Agulu Lake in Anambra State: They can hear and communicate with human being

Anaocha local government areas in Anambra State include Aguluzigbo, Neni, Ichida, Adazi-Ani, Adazi-Enu, Adazi-Nnukwu, Akwaeze, Nri, Obeledu, and Agulu. Agulu appears tall, imposing, and powerful among these settlements. Agulu is not only a huge town, but it is also home to approximately 300 crocodiles and water turtles that live in a big body of water that is surrounded by land. Agulu Lake is the name given to this enormous body of water. Agulu lake, located along the Awka-Ekwulobia road in Agulu town's Umuowele village, is a broad, modest, and calm body of water with a nearly flat surface area surrounded all around by growing vegetation. Fishing, boating, trading, and other economic activities are strictly prohibited in the lake.

Agulu Lake is limpid, casting an immaculate tint or occasionally greenish due to the microbiological activity of algae, depending on the season of the year. The Agulu Lake is a cake of mystery. It is claimed to be the progeny of 'Idemili,' the python goddess that holds the pillars of waters that cross all of Anambra's territories. Second, it takes in whomever it pleases and drowns whomever it pleases. Third, it is home to a variety of aquatic animals, the most notable of which is the 'Aguiyi,' Crocodile. Poaching of Agulu crocodiles is prohibited because they are sacred. They are friendly and sociable. People are thus allowed to look at them or even approach them without fear of being assaulted. It is expected, however, that they proceed with prudence. Legend has it that during the bloody Biafran war, these crocodiles fought dirty for the town. They were crucial in defending the town against hostile forces. The sacred crocodiles allegedly transformed into seraphic beauties and led the naive and malleable troops into the lake, where they vanished without a trace, according to the inhabitants.

Regardless of how ridiculous the story sounds, the crocodiles freely crawl to the lake's edge to sunbathe in the sun. The lake is guarded by a custodian, whose hut is located right on the water's edge. He makes the necessary sacrifices to the lake in order to make it safe for those that come to see it. The custodian, on the other hand, is intriguing because he communes with the crocodiles, feeds them, and cares after them. He is the revered lake's spokesperson. The Lake was featured in NTA Abuja's News Bulletin in the fourth quarter of 2017. The video is still available on YouTube. Nze Ralph Obi, a black rotund guy with a protruding belly, was the Chief Priest of the Lake at the time. He spoke with the correspondent about the lake's nature and secrets.

The Agulu people adopted crocodiles as a totem to protect them from foes during intertribal battles, he said. When he calls, the crocodiles hear him and respond. To demonstrate this, he jiggled a bell, and around three crocodiles swam to the lake's edge. He flung a cock, which one of them deftly grabbed and tore apart. Nze Obi claimed that he had crocodile celebrations every second month of the year. Poaching was strictly prohibited in the lake, he claimed. Pythons, water turtles, and crocodiles are also prohibited from being killed in the lake. Anyone who tries this will be met with the wrath of the crocodiles. Furthermore, the lake despises evildoers such as thieves, murderers, and spiritualists. Anyone who comes near the water with unwashed hands will be ripped apart by the crocodiles.

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