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Top Trending Hairstyles For Women 2021

Ladies check out these beautiful Hairstyles, They are very affordable and they last long. Your hair contributes to your appearance, a messy an untidyed hair can make you appear or look less attractive. Here are some popular Hairstyles in Nigeria.

1. Braids braids are the most popular Hairstyles, they are also protective. Natural hair women can make this hairstyle,They can be Jumbo braids, box braids, Bob etc.

2. Cornrows: Cornrows are simply style of Braiding, they are also one of the most popular Hairstyles. they are easy to maintain and they last long too.

3. Pony tail: pony tail is a beautiful Hairstyles that doesn't require much technique, you can dress it up or down. Most bridal hair these day are pony tails because they bring out the brides beauty.

4. Pop smoke braids: pop smoke braids also known as tribal braid is a protective hairstyle, Easy to make and ideal for natural hair women.

5. Crochets: Crochets is a special Braiding that add extension to the hair, they can be worn straight, twisted or curly and can last for more than one month if you care for it properly.

See photos of some trending Hairstyles:

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Bob Braiding Cornrows Jumbo


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