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Check out new high tech 'magic mirrors' that's invented to help you dress more beautiful

Have you bought a cloth, shoe, even bags or sunshades or maybe you styled your hair, and later regretted it?! You weren't sure of what you're getting, that's why. But this magic mirrors already solved it? It's one of the best thing technology did gave to the world of fashion and beauty.

Magic mirrors are highly interactive mirrors (highly computated using artificial intelligence) that can turn around your beauty and fashion world for good. The magic mirrors, as it's always called, are now found in every beauty and fashion products shoppers malls in developed countries around the world like The United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Several companies like Coty, MemoMi, Sephora, SenseMi create smart mirrors, also called smart displays, that can give personal dressing assistance in the dressing room.

The kinds of magic mirrors used in fashions shopping malls and hair stylist's shops are used to make decisions and choice on the type of clothes, hair or makeup that best fit a clients before purchasing any products or services. The invention of these interactive mirrors have helped in increasing sales and also increase the rates of customer's satisfaction after purchasing products from the stores.

They will display how you'd look like if you wear a cloth, makeup, hair style or haircut. This way, perfect decision is made while getting new beauty products and services.

This interactive mirrors, like the Lulabe lummine Magic Mirror, have also made it way into the skin care and skin products formulation world. They help the user find out any skin rash or impection at its early stage, and recommend the kinds of products to be used, and those to be avoided.

These magic mirrors are now in different brands, and they have different functions too. Some are used for just dressing up, while some are perfect for hair styling. Some are also made to detect skin imperfection and skin products recommendation. This could be the new fashion craize, as everyone would want to have this great tool in their closets. Yeah, speaking for the ladies tho.

So, let's say you won a gift card from one of the companies making this high tech'magic mirrors' that will make you have one for free, which kind of magic mirror will you choose? Is it the one for hair styling, the one for makeup consulting, the one for dressing up or the one that will be your personal skin consultant?

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