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15 Tips On How To Look Rich And Classy.

We all have friends that we know are broke, but look rich and classy. Then we all have friends who we know are loaded but they look so worn out or plain

The difference between looking rich and actually being rich is the style and attitude. You don't need a lot of money to look classy and sophisticated.

Finesse comes down to style, manners, they way you talk, walk and posture.

Here is how to look rich and classy

1. Always wear a watch. Invest in a quality watch that goes with everything.

2. Wear quality sunglasses.

3. Keep your nails clean and polished

4. Do not wear a stained. If you noticed your shirt is stained someone else will notice too and that is not cool.

5. Always smell nice, invest in deodorants.

6. Always keep your hair clean.

7. Smile more

8. Always be shaved

9. Stay away from too much makeup

10. Invest in timeless wadrobe pieces and choose quality pieces.

11. Too many logos on your shirt do not help.

12. Always be polite even when nobody's looking.

13. Always be attentive in your conversation, look people in the eye.

14. Try to walk and talk at a moderate speed. Not too slow, not too fast or too loud

15. Build a healthy self confidence.

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