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BODY ART CATALOGUE- 100 Pictures of Classic Henna Body Art Designs You Can Try For Ramadan

Ramadan is almost over, it was just like yesterday that the Muslims declares the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan. The Aura and euphoria of the arrival of that month cannot be underestimated. Up until now, I don't know if it's the fear of not eating constantly for the next 30 or 29 days or the thought of giving up every bad, negative and non ideal habits ( eg drinking, smoking, lying, gossiping, bad languages, usage of insultive and abusive languages etc. ) throughout the Ramadan period that often causes the panic mood for most practicing Muslims.

Although, the pre Ramadan fasting panic is always present in many Muslims , however, when the fasting starts, it starts with Bismillah just as many Muslim loyals look forward to having all benefits attached to the month forgetting all the panic and fear of giving up most things that brings comfort and forming giving as an habit which helps boost the act of ibadah according to the Islamic teachings.

When the Muslim fasting starts , it's always within the twinkling of the eyes that you hear with must surprises that the Same Ramadan which was dreaded is now being regarded to as rounding up. One thing that is sure is, most Muslims are always thoughtful and misses Ramadan as soon as the month packs up the baggage. However, although, the month of Ramadan finishes, year in year out, the people never stops celebrating the month of Ramadan not just during the did but there after.

There is one thing that is common when the Ramadan eid is approaching, it is the elegance of dressings both of female and male Muslims, this is worth recording. One of the beauty therapist Muslim ladies adopt to celebrate eid Mubarak is the henna painting and body are designs.

Are you a henna stylist or incase you are the henna addict around your vicinity check out these latest designs which you can rock either during eid Mubarak or post lockdown during your bridal arrangements.

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