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How to Prevent Your Leather Bags From Peeling

Most of the time, we get discouraged whenever our leather bags start peeling. Sometimes we even make decisions to not buy anything leather again.


The leather bags that usually peel off are mostly made of bonded leather. You need to note that bonded leather is simply recycled leather. Although they are the ones that usually crack, this doesn’t in any way mean that real leather bags won’t peel or look worn out if you don’t take care of them well.

If you want your leather bags to remain in a very perfect condition, always take good care of them. And you can do that with the following guidelines:

1. Keep your leather bags away from heat; this is one of the most important tips for keeping your leather bags from peeling or becoming old.

Heat can cause your original leather bags to crack or even peel. Ensure the wardrobe where you keep your bags is well-ventilated. This will keep them safe and also increase their durability.

2. Keep in a Dust Bag: When you're not using your leather bags, keep them in a dust bag.

Dust bags, as the name implies, help to prevent dust from touching or damaging your bags. 

If, per chance, you don’t have any dust bags, an old pillowcase can still be used. However, please don’t ever make the mistake of using a polyethene bag to store your handbags. As such, you put the bag in the heat and cause it to wear away. 

3. When you're not using them, always put old newspapers in them.

Don’t place your bags very flat when you aren’t using them. This can actually cause them to lose their shape. Instead, stuff them with old newspapers, calendars, or old clothes.

4. By all means, liquid and oil shouldn’t pour into your bag.

If the content of your leather bag includes oil or any other form of liquid, be sure to seal it meticulously.

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