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2 Different Ways to Beautify Native Tops With Belts

There are several ways of adding beauty to your native attire. This write-up will be very beneficial to fashion designers.

Adding belts to native wear is a new trend in the fashion world; it wasn't done so many years ago.

These belts are not only added to tops; they are also used to beautify gowns. 

You can make the belt from the same material used in making the cloth, or you can use a different material with a different color.

When adding these belts, you need to be mindful of two major things:

1. The thread line :Make sure the thread used in sewing the belt matches the color of the outfit to which it will be added.

2. It should not be held so tightly that it doesn't cause discomfort to whoever uses it.

Here are the two major ways to beautify native tops and gowns with belts:

- The belt can be placed directly in front of the attire.


- It can also be worn on the side of the garment.


Note that you can give any style to the belt. If you don't know how to style the belt, you can get trained by a fashion designer.

Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )


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