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Get those perfect lips u so want!

Hey guys!😭😭😭I'm so sorry for the late post(been sitting in my draft for a week now). I have an exam to prepare for that's why.

So where were we? Yeah last time we talked about how to care for our lips. Today we are gonna talk about how to get the perfect lip!

Before applying makeup to your lips,you need to know your lip shape and which shade suits you best.

Make sure the colour of the lipstick is the same as the tone for the eye makeup and the blush for the cheeks.

Matte lipsticks are used to makeup fuller lips. When used at night they give an elegant & sophisticated effect.

Pearly colours are used to make thin lips appear fuller while translucent lip products(lip gloss) give a wet effect that adds shine to the lips while maintaining the natural tone.


Its advisable to make your lips appear smaller rather than maintain or increase the size.

If you want to shrink your big lips and opt for a subtle look, mark the lip contour inside the edges of your lips. Finish off with a lipstick in brown and red tones instead of bright tones as it will make them appear larger. No lipglosses,please!


For fuller lips,line your upper lip outside the edges. Finish up by adding a dab of white pencil or a creamy nude matte eyeshadow to the centre of the upper lip.

For those that prefer a narrower pout, apply a lip liner inside the edges of the lower lips and stick to a darker lipstick!


Line the edges of the upper lip and the lower lip if necessary to even things out. Apply your favorite lipstick or any other lipstick of ur choice.


Line around your natural lip line. Use a bright tone of the lipstick colour on your bottom lip and a darker tone on the top. The darker the lipstick,the thinner the lipstick will seem. Then add a dab of brightness (either a lighter lipstick or a light matte eyeshadow) on the center of the bottom lip.


If the upper and lower lip shape and size don't match,then you have uneven lips.

Shape your pout with a lip liner. Draw the narrower part thicker to match other side,before applying lipstick. Then smudge the line you created in order to remove hard edges and create a natural look. It's recommended to use a light tone in the thinner lip and a darker to the thicker one.


Although you must go over your natural lip contour,make sure not change their natural look too much - otherwise it will look very fake.

Apply shimmery bright lipsticks as it adds a fuller and plumping effect. You can rather go for a warm tone that is quite vivid and noticeable and add a shimmery highlight to the centre of d lips for plumping effects.


If you have small lips,you probably have a small mouth and want to widen or elongate your smile.

Line your lips all the way around and slightly blend and diffuse the edge. We want to avoid a defined line here,in order to create plumpness and length in the lips.

Pop some highlighter on your Cupid's bow(the v curve on ur top lip) and in the centre of your bottom lip to create the illusion of fuller lips. Shimmery shades look great on small lips and softer hues a tendency to brighten up your entire face.

For small but thick lips, slightly elongate the corners of the lip. Also,use highlighter on the four corners of the lips to make the lips look thinner.

Phew! That's a long article I must say☺️but it's absolutely worth it don't u think♥️. I hope the ladies found this article useful. Now u can have those sexy lips😉. See ya later! Have a great day! And yeah don't forget to like and follow and perhaps comment😍it will help in motivating me to write more articles.

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