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3 Men's Fashion Trends That Are No Longer As Popular As When They Were Started

Fashion trends can sometimes be unstable, they come and go with the times, what was considered cool and in style may no longer be largely accepted by the generally public when rocked again. In this article, we are going to be looking at 3 trends that are no longer as stylish as when they were started.

1) High waters Trousers

High water trouser is cut right at the ankle so that it can show some skin where the shoe and the end of the trouser are suppose to meet.

This style is slowly losing it's relevance. The quarter break and full break trousers which were the classic are now the style trousers to rock.

2) Matching belts and shoes

It is no longer the early 2000 when it was totally cool to match the colour of belts and shoes. There is no need to do this style anymore, you can just wear belt that is a different colour to your shoe, just as long as the outfit you are rocking looks good.

3) No Socks 

There was a time when this trend was really popular, men wearing their high water trouser with no socks looked really cool. Some of the drawbacks of no sock style which is sweating feet and smelling shoes, may have caused this style to loose it's popularity.

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