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Skin Care

Men, Here Are Ways To Prevent Razor Or Shaving Stick Bumps

Razor or shaving stick is one of the instrument used by men to scrap their beards, but it saddens that so many times it has caused bumps which has made some guys feel uncomfortable, but bother yourself no more as we journey on ways to prevent after shaving bumps.

Photo Credit: Men's Health

Here are the ways you can try out to get rid of razor or shaving stick bumps:

1. Use cold water: immediately you start seeing those bumps, add some cold water to the blade, and use it to shrink the pores and soothe the skin.

Photo Credit: Men's journal

2. Always moisturize the surface: as soon as you notice the bumps, get a moisturizer to rub the surface, because such micro injuries, needs a hydrating substance to quickly heal.

Photo Credit: Healthify

3. Use aftershave product: they are made to reduce the burns from razor or shaving stick, and if you don't know the one to use, ask from an expert barber the type of aftershave you can buy.

Photo Credit: Health line

4. Use of natural vegetation: some natural vegetations such as aloe vera can help heal those bumps, by using it to rub the surface of the bumps.

Photo Credit: Health shots


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