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20 Pics From Different Countries Showing Ladies Are Prettier In Native Wears Than Western Clothes

If you take a quick tour and check out different kinds of traditional wears of several countries around the world, you will find out that native wears are by far honorable, classy and elegant than the western wears we can't do without.

Native wears are our traditional wears that explain a lot of things that relate to a tribe's history, heritage and brand.

This post covers how classy and elegant ladies from twenty countries look in their native dress.

1. Ethiopia

The Habesha kemis dress of the ethiopian ladies is elegant as you can see in the pictures below.

2. Singapore

Cheongsam is the native dress of singaporean ladies. Even the international airline attendants and hostesses are always in this wears and they always look very beautiful in them.

3. Turkey

The kartan dress of the ladies in Turkey fits more than any western wears they could ever wear. Take a look at the stunning lady below.

4. Mexico

The multicolored native dress of the mexican ladies looks pretty on them each time they rock it. They call it chiapa by the way.

5. Indonesia

The kebaya dress of the ladies in indonesia is just too much. Look at how classy those ladies look in it.

6. Spain

Spain's flamenca outfit for ladies look good on their ladies, don't they? Looks like it's now part of the new fashion wears.

7. Scotland

Scotland is known for its tartan skirts or dress, and they love to wear them anyway because it looks great on their white skin.

8. Germany

Although it looks like the cinderella's suffering dress, the German's dirndl look great in their ladies. I've watched German ladies rock this kind of dress in events, trade fairs and even in their movies.

9. India

Give it to the Indian's sari. These dress looks so great on them. Even, most ladies who are not indians wear them. I know a lot of ladies who wear this dress to church and special occasions

10. Russia

This dress make Russian ladies look like an emperess. It is the cap for me.

11. Korea

Most of us who watch Korean movies know how stunning their ladies look in their traditional wears. I must say that they even look more beautiful in their native wears than western wears. This dress compliments their slender body.

12. Japan

Japanese ladies wear kimono as their native wears and they look stunning in them. The whole world loves kimono now, all thanks to them.

13. Philippines

The Maria Clara gown of the Philippines looks like a ball gown. It is an elegant dress worn by their ladies and they look gorgeous in it.

14. China

Chinese also have their own version of cheongsam worn by their ladies. From the picture below, it is so obvious that they look far prettier in their native wears than western wears.

15. Ghana

Ghanaian ladies are beautiful and their kente wears always look great on them. Pictures don't lie!

16. Egypt

Egyptian ladies look like goddess in their native wears. In fact, most of their native wears are used as costumes in historical movies and have also been re-designed in the fashion world.

17. Cambodia

Cambodian ladies look like princess in their native dress. First of all, they're beautiful and their dress adds more beauty to them.

18. Thailand

The Thai dress of the ladies in Thailand makes them look beautiful each time they're seen wearing them.

19. Nigeria's Fulani

Fulani women look gorgeous in their native dress. No wonder they're always named as one of the most beautiful tribe in Nigeria.

20. Nigeria's Edo

Edo ladies look like african queens whenever they're dressed in their native wears. It's the bead for me.

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