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How To Choose The Best Shapewear For Your Body Type(Photos)

When shopping for shapewear, it's critical to first ask yourself the following questions: What is my body type? How much control do I need? After you've answered these questions, you can begin shopping for shapewear. Given the high cost of lingerie and shapewear, making the right choice the first time will save you a lot of stress and money. You'll also be able to avoid body shaping mistakes and ensure that you're investing in the best pieces to show off your figure.

1. Identify your body type

When it comes to shapewear, there are five main body types. While sizes might vary, your body type will be a good indication of the shapewear pieces that will work best for you. Here are tips for selecting the right shapewear for your body type:


If this is your body type, consider yourself extremely fortunate! This curvy silhouette has a slimmer waist, hips and shoulders that are the same width, and a small, perky bustline. If this describes you, you'll need shapewear to draw attention to your slim waist while lifting the bust and smoothing the hips and thighs. The shapewear you should choose is as follows:

1. High waisted control briefs

2. Body shaping camis

3. Balconette or plunge bras, to lift without adding inches


If you have an apple body shape then you’ll tend to carry your weight around the middle. You’ll have narrow hips and shoulders, and be blessed with a larger bust. It’s vital to create a waistline with your shapewear, so the following will suit you:

1. High waisted shaping shorts

2. High waisted control briefs

3. Shaping bodysuits


Those with a rectangle body type will have a straight up and down shape. If this is you, your shoulders and hips will be the same width, and you’ll have a small bust, undefined waist and slim legs.

Just like with the apple shape, you’ll need to define your waist, but you’ll also need to boost your bustline and use shapewear to create shape on your hips and butt. The following will be a great investment to cinch and hone your shape:

1. High waisted control briefs and panty girdles

2. Corsets, bustiers and waist cinchers

3. Push-up bras

4. Butt-lifting shapewear


Pear body types will have slim shoulders, a smaller bust and defined waist, but carry weight around the hips and thighs. This body shape, just like the modern hourglass, fits the new trend for ‘slim thick’ figures. It’s vital to use the right shapewear to create balance here, to optimize your shape:

1. Thigh slimming shorts

2. High waisted shaping shorts

3. Balconette or plunge bras to create lift

As well as identifying your body type, it’s important to decide the level of control you’ll need. Just as with body types, there are several levels of control available. These are as follows:

Light control

Ideal for smoothing out minor imperfections, light control shapewear is ideal for everyday use. This tends to come in the best range of colours, rather than just nude, white and black. It's important you invest the majority of your budget in the lightest control possible.

Firm control

Firm control shapewear is recommended if you want more definition. Firm control shapewear is ideal for special occasions because it helps to add more dramatic contours to your shape. While not as comfortable as light control shapewear, firm control pieces can be worn for extended periods of time.

Extra firm control

These pieces are the most powerful shaping garments you can own. Extra firm control shapewear will create the most dramatic shaping on your body, but given how restrictive it can be, it’s best reserved for special occasions.

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