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Get Rid of That Body Odour With This 5 Natural Remedies

Everyone want to stand in the midst of their peers with a lot of confidence but it can actually be overruled by body odour. Body odour is that unpleasant smells that is produced by the body. It is a process of breaking down bacterias to acid.

What is body odour?

Body odour is the unpleasant scent that is produced by the body, it actually becomes obvious in the stages of puberty when measures are not taken. People who suffers from obesity and people with medical condition such as diabetes are also prone to body odour. Odour are caused by some parts of body such as; feet, belly button, anus, armpits, genitals, pubic hair and other parts that grow out hair, behind the ears.

Causes of body odour.

Body odour is caused by breakdown of sweat by bacteria that are linked to the apocrine glands. The apocrine glands are found in the parts listed above, they are responsible for body odour, this is because bacteria can break down sweat which are high in protein.

Prevention of body odour.

* Keep the armpit clean by washing it with an anti-bacteria soap when taking your bath. Take your bath at least twice a day.

* Shaving down the hair found in the armpits and pubic areas. This help to reduce body odour because when there is present of hair, it prevents air from getting to the armpit then giving the bacteria more time to break down the sweat.

* The use of deodorant can help prevent body odour because deodorant help make the skin acidic, making it more difficult for bacteria to exist.

Ways to treat body odour with the use of natural remedies

1. The use of coconut oil:

Coconut oil contain tannic acid that helps get rid of bacteria. So it can be the right remedy for body odour.

* Coconut oil.

* 1 teaspoon of citric acid powder.

* 1 cup of water.


Rub a little amount of coconut oil on the armpit, mix the citric acid and water together. Use as a rinse and pat dry.

This should be done on a daily basis.

2. Apple cider vinegar:

Because of it's acidic nature, it can help get rid of bacteria at the same time get rid of the body odour.

* Apple cider vinegar.

* Cotton buds.


With the use of cotton buds apply it directly to your under arm and rinse off.

It should be use on a regular basis.

3. Green tea:

Green tea contains antioxidants and tannic acid that help get rid of body odour from within and it helps to keep the body dry and keep your sweat and bacteria in control externally.

* Water.

* Green tea leaves.


Boil green leaves with enough water, allow to cool down. Apply the drained liquid to the parts of the body that are prone to sweat.

Apply every three days this is because daily application can lead to dry skin.

4. Baking soda:

Baking soda alkalize the body and neutralizes the pungent odor from the actually absorb moisture this means that it prevent formation of sweat.

* 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

* Water (optional).


Put the powdered baking soda in a bowl and use a soft brush to brush on all sweat-prone body parts. Dust off extra powder and you are good to go.

Do this daily for a few weeks.

5. Lemon juice:

Lemon contains citric acid which helpbto reduce the pH of the body making it difficult for bacteria to dwell in your skin.

* 1 lemon.

* Water.


Cut lemon and rub it directly on your underarms, leave for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Do this daily.


Ensure to do the routine regularly and diligently.

Now you are sure to get rid of that pungent odour and be that social and bubbling person again.

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