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Choosing the Right Men’s Underwear for Your Body Type

They may stay underneath, but your underwear is as important as the clothes you choose. Select the wrong one, and your whole outfit will be doomed on arrival. Of course, you have been shopping for underwear for years, but have you ever considered if you are buying the right one for your body type?

Certain underwear may look perfect on your friend. However, when you try on the same boxers, it will look awkward on you. It is not enough to wear any underwear; it must fit your body type as well. This article will show you how to select different boxers and pants for your body type.

Low-rise briefs

Low-rise briefs are the most common underwear among men. Ideally, you can fit into low-rise briefs without looking out of place, whether you are skinny or have a bulging tummy. Stick to shite or dark-colored briefs.

Full-rise briefs

Full-rise briefs are as popular as their cousins, low-rise briefs. They look good on men of all body types. However, it is best to avoid them if you are skinny or obese. Boxers are better options for you.

Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts are the trendiest men's underwear. Men who struggle with body image will mainly find them suitable as they tend to provide enough coverage. They are perfect for skinny guys and men with heavy body frames.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are a perfect fit for men with athletic body types. However, skinny guys may want to avoid them because the underwear may sag around the thigh area. Similarly, obese men should avoid boxer briefs because boxer briefs cover a large part of the body. 


Trunks look perfect for any man as they are bright on the body.

Bikini wear

The design of bikini wear gives it off as underwear suitable for men with amazing and athletic bodies.


Any man with a unique taste can wear thongs. 

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