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Fashionable Dress Styles Tips For Ladies With Tummy Bulge

For women who are self-conscious about their tummy bulge, there are a variety of stylish clothing options to choose from. Tummy bulge can be caused by a lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances, or other health-related issues that many women may not feel comfortable discussing. However, no matter the reason behind it, if holding it in no longer works or waist trainers make you feel uncomfortable, it might be time for a fashion upgrade.

Here are some dress style tips to help you cover that tummy bulge:

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are a great option to hide a big stomach. The style is essentially a section of fabric attached to the waistline of a blouse that overlaps another garment worn underneath, such as skirts, trousers, shorts, etc. This helps minimize the size of the waist by accentuating the hips.

Maxi or Bubu Gowns

Maxi or Bubu gowns are loose-fitting gowns that hide the total size of one’s body while still providing a classy and elegant look.

Wrap Tops/Dresses

Wrap tops and dresses have a front closure created by wrapping one side of the fabric across the other and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the torso at the waist. This style is great for ladies with a big tummy as it trims the waistline and flatters curves.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are one of the easiest ways to achieve an effortless yet classy look while hiding your tummy bulge. This dress style is very comfortable and stands away from the body.

High Waistline Skirts and Trousers

High waistline skirts and trousers smooth the line from the waist to the hips, making extra flesh invisible, as opposed to low waist skirts and trousers.

Wear More Prints

Don't shy away from patterns and prints, as they are another way to camouflage your tummy bulge.

Avoid Tight-Fitting or Clingy Tops

Tight-fitting or clingy tops tend to accentuate your big belly and draw attention away from your dress style.

In conclusion, there is no need for women to feel self-conscious about their tummy bulge. With these dress style tips, they can confidently rock any outfit and look stylish while doing it. It is important to remember that fashion is not just about looking good, it is also about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin.

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Peplum Tops


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