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4 Types of African Inspired Necklaces every Lady Should Try

A necklace is an ornamental fashion piece worn around the neck. Necklaces have been in existence for centuries. Deeply rooted in several cultures, necklaces are worn by both men and women. You can match your outfits with necklaces to give more detail and also to express your personality. There are several unique necklaces of African origin. Keep reading for some examples.

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1 Cowrie Shell Necklaces: A cowrie is a small, shimmery porcelain-like shell. Cowries were used in ancient Africa as a means of exchange, before the introduction of money as currency. There are varieties of cowrie shell necklaces. Imagine wearing money on your neck. Cool right?

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2 Fulani Necklaces. From the Fulani tribe in parts of West Africa, Fulani Necklaces are made of tiny colourful beads. The necklaces are worn majorly by women and are used as adornments and ornaments. You can easily purchase a typical Fulani necklace in any accessory shop in different parts of Nigeria. 

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3 Kente Necklaces. Of Ghanian origin, the Kente necklaces are made from Kente fabric. The Kente fabric is colourful and unique amongst others. You can wear your kente necklace in different styles and also match it with different attires. 

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4 Coral Beaded necklaces. Worn across different tribes in Nigeria, coral beads signify royalty and class. You can style your traditional and even casual outfits with coral necklaces. After all, you are royalty. Be regal and go for Coral necklaces today

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Choose to stand out by adding any of these necklaces to your fashion collection. Which one will you try first? Let me know in the comments below.



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