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What Do You Think Of Girls With Nose Ring?

Nose rings are piece of jewels made from different materials such as gold,bronze and silver and attached through piercing in the nose or most recent ones that are just clipped to the nostrils.

Nose rings are common among Asian Nations and the land of Israel is not an exception. Therefore numerous verses in the Bible makes use of the nose rings to show how the Israelites honoured and adorned women with such ornaments. In Genesis 24:22, Rebeka gave Eliazer water from her jar and he in turn presented her with a gold nose ring and bracelets as a sign he chose her as a wife for his master's son Isaac.

God also asked the children of Israel to collect ornaments from the Egyptians before leaving, but when they rebelled in the wilderness they turned the gold into a calf and worshipped it.

The nose ring is a sign of honour and love as God illustrates how he took pity,loved and honoured the Nation in Ezekiel 16:12, he talked of giving her a nose ring. And when Prophet Isaiah wanted to proclaim judgement on the women of Jerusalem and Judah, he talked about taking their nose rings away.

Nose jewels are also part of African culture. It is part of ornaments that Africans believe adds to a woman's beauty.

These ornaments have found it's way into the contemporary world of fashion, but it is not without criticism. Once a Lady is seen with a nose ring she is considered loose and called all sort of names.

But the truth is nose ring is just a great fashion piece, irrespective of the material it was made from. So don't feel shy,ashamed or afraid of rocking your nose ring.

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