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Healthy benefits of Shea butter and cocoa oils you must know

Less known than shea butter, cocoa butter nevertheless has all the active ingredients present in the bean, giving it recognized antioxidant, soothing and slimming properties, in addition to the gourmet side it brings to beauty treatments that enhance the body and hair.

Already used by the Mayans and the Aztecs, cocoa from a tree called the cocoa tree is undoubtedly one of the major discoveries of the first explorers. Cocoa butter is particularly nutritious because it is rich in fats, but also in flavonoids, hence its action antioxidant which gives it soothing and healing benefits.

The vitamins it contains prevent premature aging of the skin and promote cell development by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. But that's not all ! It also acts against cellulite through the caffeine contained in the shell of the cocoa bean, which allows to destock and dissolve the fat. A single product, sublimatory effects: plumped up skin, full of tone and hydrated, firm and soft thanks with cocoa tannins with astringent properties.

Cocoa butter is present in many cosmetic products, starting with shower gels, moisturizing balms and softening creams, up to sun protection and anti-aging skincare. It is also used to tame very dry, brittle and damaged hair in the form of a mask after shampooing. Its most common use treats chapped lips in the form of a stick.

Thanks to its creamy texture, it is recommended for massages, especially for pregnant women, because it helps to keep the elasticity of the skin and deeply hydrate it, and thus avoid the appearance of stretch marks. In general, cocoa butter is an easy product to find, it can easily invest in everyday life and find its place in homemade recipes which have the advantage of using a much higher percentage of the balm for an action. more efficient.

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