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Your Take: 10 pictures of most expensive foot-wears in the world, cost over $5million

This is made by Amazon company that will send you back home with $10,000. The soul I made with very expressive and quality material.

The amazing things is that it look just like human legs, so will you conclude within yourself to buy this?

Air Jordan are well known sneakers which have been hugely popular since Nike introduced them in 1985 , this pair are unique and incredibly rare. Sole Collector talks about how important the Air Jordan were in the history of Nike. 

These particular Air Jordans are vintage shoes which have been signed by Michael Jordan himself. The particularly unusual thing about these sneakers is that they are made from sterling silver and weigh ten pounds, so they won’t be too comfortable.

This is all made of golden, this is what we call real luxury.

2016 – $26,000 If you’re a fan of sneakers, then this is one shoe you might consider taking out a second mortgage on your house for. The 2016 edition of the Air Mag was directly lifted from the cult 80’s sci-fi hit Back to the Future II.

While the auto-lacing feature and lights in that pair were achieved using cinematic effects, 30 years later, all that technology has become a reality. These sneakers are battery-powered and feature a motor.

Only a 100 were manufactured by the brand, making them incredibly rare. Right now, these shoes command an average market price of $26,000. Read more at:

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