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Funny Names Nigerians Call Different Outfits In The Olden Days

In this article, I will tell you some funny names given to different outfits in the olden days.

1. Bongo Trousers;

Bongo Trousers are similar to big trousers. Although in this twenty-first century, people still refer to big Trousers as bongo, It was a major trend for men in the 1980s

2. Tight Belt;

The first time I heard people call this belt a tight belt, I actually thought it was something to worn by men, I never knew it was specifically made for women, although they are still found in our markets.

3. Show Belle;

Have you ever seen those tops worn by women that usually stop right at the midriff or slightly above it? I'm sure you have so many of them in your wardrobe, these days we refer to them as crop tops. Nigerians used to refer to it as show belle in the olden days.

4. The next style of outfit was called show me your back;

This was the name this style of outfit was called in the olden days and I'm sure they are still referred to as show me your back in this modern times.

5. Spaghetti Top;

Nigerians decided to call this one spaghetti top because it has a tiny hand. They are still made by fashion designers in this modern days, although we have refined the style, all thanks to technological advancement.

6. Low Waist

From the name Low waist you should be able to figure how the outfit would look like. The trouser usually goes down the waist level of the woman.

7. Puff Puff Hand;

This was another outfit that trended back in the 90s and women who wear these styles currently are seen as old school. They are still trending currently only that our fashion designers have made it better.

Back then in the olden days, puff sleeves which Nigerians referred to as ‘puff puff hand’ were very popular among overtly religious sisters. 

8. Akpola Shoe; This category of shoes were worn mostly by old men and women but these days, they are worn by both the young and old.

Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )

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