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5 Ways Men Can Wear The Color Red

Pink used to be a forbidden color for most men (and some still consider it to be one) because it is considered feminine. If you are still holding on to this view, it's high time you changed it. Now, guess where pink comes from? Red! And that's what we will be talking about today.

Red is one of the boldest colors for men to try. It is considered a daring color that naturally attracts attention. So, it is easy to see reasons some men might avoid it. Depending on your culture and interpretation, red could mean love, romance, power, and confidence. For this article, we will dive into how men can wear red to exude the right confidence.

Aside from this, more men should consider red because of its versatility. Red tends to look great on most skin tones and blend with most colors. With a few tips and tricks, any man can wear red confidently.

Red T-shirt and jeans

This merge is by far the easiest way to wear red. Any red shirt with graphics or not will look great on a pair of jeans for casual events. Don't forget to throw in some nice sneakers.

Red polo shirt and chinos

Red polo shirts have a way of making you look smart whether you dress them up or down. Try a red polo shirt with chinos and sneakers for a casual event. Also, you may elevate your look by adding a sport coat, blazer, or another smart jacket.

Button-down shirt

You can go for a flannel shirt or other patterned shirt designs. Try wearing it as a jacket over a Tee for a more relaxed look. Or you can button up to create a smart casual.

Dress shirt

We have talked about how bold red can be, and that should tell you that a fire hydrant red has no place in your office. Instead, go for a cool and light red dress shirt. It will look great under a suit.

Red jacket/blazer

Try pairing a solid color dress shirt with a red blazer. This look is exactly the right definition of confidence to squash any office-related issue. You can also try a red bomber jacket with a white Tee for a casual event.

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