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Do you know that your nails and hair are dead cells? How do they grow ?

The appearance of your nails and hair say a lot about you. When your hair and nails are well. groomed, they enhance social acceptance. The basic rules of good grooming include caring for the nails and hair.

Surprisingly, these two things are dead.The question then is how do they grow?

Sincerely, hair and nails are dead that is why somebody with long hair or nail will not feel a thing when you touch the tip.

Nails and hair are essentially made up of a tough protective protein called keratin. While the hair grows in a hair follicle, nails grow from the matrix (the base of the nail bed). Both the hair follicle and the nail matrix are are made up of epithelial ( tissue covering external body surface) and will continue to grow as long as they receive nutrition and remain healthy.

As the epithelial cells within the follicle and matrix multiply,the older ones are pushed out upwards through your skin.They die and harden,thus turning into hair or nails.This process called keratinisation makes your hair and nail grow.

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