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Top 5 Most Expensive Necklaces In The World

"What you wear says alot about you". Do you agree?

Of course, that's true, what you wear surely says alot about you. So whether you're the type who doesn't have alot of taste or the type that that has, there are alot of ways your clothes or what you wear describe you.

The wealthy elite are fond of dressing and wearing cozy, Beautiful, Luxurious and of course Expensive clothes and accessories. Speaking of accessories, today we would be talking about the Top 5 most Expensive Necklaces In The World, I'm sure the prices of these Necklaces would really make you open your mouth wide agape.

Here we Go:

5. The Star Of China Necklace ($11.1 Million).

At Number 5 of the Most Expensive Necklaces and in the world is the world's largest (75.36 carats) briolette diamond "China Star" Diamond Necklace known as the "China Star". This necklace was sold in 2013 for $11.1 Million.

Chief Craftsman, William Goldsberg spent six months cutting 160.5 carats of rough into the largest and most perfect brioche diamond ever made.

4. The Heart Of The Kingdom Necklace ($14 million).

Founded by the famous jewelry maker, Gerrard and Company, this stunning and breathtaking Necklace is set in a band of 155 carat pear shaped and round white diamonds. These stones are set to surround one of the largest Burmese rubies in the world ( which is in the Necklace). This heart shaped Ruby weighs a surprising 40.63 carats.

A Swiss laboratory has proven that dazzling rubies are extremely rare and very authentic. Guess that explains why it is too Expensive.

3. "The Heart Of The Ocean" Sapphire Necklace ($20 Million).

On number 3, we have the heart of the ocean, which most of us are aware and familiar with the copy of the Necklace worn by Kate Winslet in the 1997 Titanic Movie. Gloria Stuart wore this gorgeous and amazing blue Sapphire in 1998 to the academy awards.

The original necklace has a stunning 15 carat blue diamond, which is why it is so Expensive, and the replica worn in the film costs just $10,000.

2. The "L' incomparable" diamond Necklace ($ 55 Million).

I have no doubt that the price of this necklace had made you open your mouth wide agape.

Mouawad created this stunning masterpiece the in 2013, the 637 carats diamond necklace is worth a whopping $55 Million 🤓🤓.

At the time, it was named the most Expensive necklace in the world by Guinness World Records.

The L"incomparable costs a whopping $55 Million thanks to it's precious pendant gemstone, a flawless brown yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats.

The L"incomparable is like a vine, with the central stones hanging from the stem.


If number 2 made you open your mouth, then this beauty standing as number 1 would make you open your eyes, mouth, ears and nose.

History was rewritten when Chan unveiled this beautiful masterpiece for a price of $200 million, blowing away all previous Records.

Chinese master Craftsman, Chan shiying designed this masterpiece of jewelry which is both the most Expensive diamond necklace and also the most Expensive necklace in the world.

There are 383.4 Carats of diamonds on this beauty, and the bright diamonds used Alone cost $35 Million. Most impoi, this Necklace also includes 72 white goat fat Jade and 114 ice green emeralds.

The diamonds used in the design are free of impurities. It took Chan and his team 47,000 hours(almost three years) to finish this work, but I would say, the hard work did pay off!

I have one question for you, if you have the money to buy any of these masterpiece, would you buy them or would you prefer to buy a mansion, the latest lambo, a private jet and many luxurious items?.

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