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10 Unusual Fashion Styles For Men

The change that has hit Men's fashion is massive as men are also going unconventional with their fashion style. This is creating a healthy competition between men and women -spouses, friends, and co-workers and I love it.

Here are some men's styles that will get you going for some months to come. 

Pattern prints and stripes mixtures are coming up bold in the industry lately. Seems like they have come to stay. 

Such an unusual unique suit, brilliantly combined with African print.

A flowery suit has never been more stylish. It's the new way to go. 

A two-colour overcoat complemented with a pair of sneakers and hat is the latest corporate wear you should try.

A suit that tells an African story cannot go unrecognized.

Style is the freedom of self-expression through the fabric and that's the message of this unique outfit. 

A patterned-print suit shot in nature preaches nothing but style, creativity and richness of the African continent. 

This unusual suit designed in bold colours is such a beautiful piece of art to behold

Seems like the show of flesh is not gender-biased. It has found its way into male fashion as well.

Patterns are taking the spotlight and it's a very much welcomed development.

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