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6 Simple Tips for Storing Your Shoes

We acquire different shoes every time but don’t put a lot of thought into arranging them. We all know how it is when you are in a rush or late for an event- it can be difficult to make a decision on time or not make a good one. 

For example, if you are late for an occasion, you will choose any comfortable shoes that are accessible. You may get to work and realize they don’t fit or you don’t like them with the outfit you put on. As insignificant as it seems, that may ruin your day and make you feel less confident. We don’t want that for you, and that’s why we have curated tips for storing your shoes. 

Keep them off the floor

Keeping your shoes on the floor is the easiest way to disorganize them. You may mistakenly kick them, or something might fall on them. They are more prone to dirt on the floor and can be dangerous when you slip on them. Besides, it makes it harder to find the right shoes when they are on top of one another.

Get a shoe rack

A shoe rack is the first step to neatly arranging your shoes. They come in different forms, including wooden, plastic, and metal. You should avoid metal racks as they tend to wear out easily. Also, they don’t accommodate certain shoes, like heels.

Store your shoes in categories

A typical shoe rack has different steps and lines. Make use of these steps and arrange your shoes by their type. For example, you can put all sneakers in one line, all heels on another line, and slippers on one line. If you have enough space, you can even separate formal flats from casual flats or pointed heels and wedges. 

Keep your everyday shoes at the top

Storing the shoes you wear mostly on top makes them accessible. If you work in a corporate world, then it is assumed that you wear flats and dress shoes a lot. These should be at the topmost level of your shoe rack.

Store delicate shoes next

You probably don’t wear your heels and delicate shoes all the time. So, it is better to store them at levels where they are safer.

Get wire hangers for your slippers

Slippers are easy to stack on top of another, which makes it difficult to select one quickly. A wire hanger can be used to hold them up. To do this, your shoe rack should be built in the form of a usual wardrobe, so you can hang some sandals and slippers while others sit on different lines. 

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