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7 Tricks That Make Painting Your Nails Easier

1. Don't Go Overboard With The Sauce.

Apply thin layers of nail polish and make sure they're equally distributed. You won't have to worry about it cakeing or smearing this way.

2. Take A Break Between Coats.

I start by applying a base coat, followed by a very thin initial coat of polish. Before adding the second coat, I make sure the first one is entirely dried - if I don't, the second coat takes ages to dry and tends to smudge. I also take a long gap between the second and top coats for the same reason.

3. Get Rid Of The Old Polish.

Make sure you're using a brand-new polish. It should have a thin consistency that is easy to spread on the nail. Stop what you're doing and throw the bottle away if it's even slightly goopy. It's not going to be worth it.

4. At work and at home, keep a "quick dry" top coat on hand.

I apply another top coat two days after I finish my manicure to protect the lacquer and freshen the gloss. I also have a bottle at work, and on days when I need a polish refresher, I just swipe it on for a few seconds. Because it's "quick dry," the new coat is dry to the touch after only a few minutes of typing.

5. Trim Away Any Excess.

I gently clip the very end of my nails after a few days of wearing one paint to get rid of that thin white line that invariably forms at the edge of the nail. This method usually eliminates any chipped areas of the nail, and when paired with a fresh top coat, I have a manicure that appears like new.

6. Put On Your Gloves.

When I'm washing the dishes, removing labels, or doing other nail-damaging activities, I use gloves to protect my nails.

7. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

It could take some time to establish a truly steady hand. I make sure I have a steady surface, especially when painting with my right (dominant) hand, and I always go gently.

Please share these important tricks with other ladies.


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