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Methods and steps to look younger.

  • Exercise regularly – Your body should look in great shape. Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Eat healthily – Eat plenty of vegetables and cut down on sugar. Boosting collagen and elastin production. Ingesting high-quality proteins, zinc complex, brazil nuts, foods rich in coenzyme q10 and vitamin C helps.
  • Reduce stress – If you can minimize and manage your stress and adopt a positive attitude, you'll feel healthier and look better too.
  • Don't smoke. A single puff of cigarette smoke emits approximately 40,000 free radicals. These free radicals accelerate the aging process by depleting the body of Vitamin C.
  • Drink in moderation – Unless you're drinking water, which you will need to consume in copious amounts.
  • Get plenty of rest – During sleep our bodies have a chance to heal and rejuvenate, so those seven to nine hours a night are really important.
  • Regular healthy checkups – See a doctor regularly and do all your preventative health screening.


These routines add a few minutes to your day but will shave years off your appearance.

Take action if you need help with skin care. Dispel your doubts that taking care of your appearance makes you less of a man.

Real men understand that by taking care of themselves, they are better positioned to help others and create a bigger impact on this world.


This article was brought to you by PMD. I had my local esthetician test this product and give me the green light for effectiveness. It's been helping remove dead skin cells and scarring to promote new skin cell growth. Combined with other healthy lifestyle habits and daily skincare this will definitely help slow the aging process down. 

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