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5 Types Of Jeans Trousers For Ladies

Jeans trousers are highly versatile, they can be worn with any kind of top, they can also be worn to different places such as work, school, bars, clubs, and lots of other places. There are numerous kinds of jeans trousers women should know about. Below you will find a list of some of these trousers.

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1. High waist jeans trousers.

As the name implies, this kind of trouser reaches the upper waist and sometimes above the belly button. It suits ladies who have/don't have belly fat, it can also be worn with various kinds of tops such as crop tops, wrap tops, etc.

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2. Skinny jeans.

If you love tight and fitting outfits then you will be interested in skinny jeans, they are tight-fitting trousers that show off the shape of the lower part of the body, they are suitable for ladies of different body types and shapes.

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3. Bootcut jeans.

This kind of trouser is usually wide at the lower part. It can be worn with any kind of top and shoes.

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4. Flared jeans.

If you have a nice figure that you want to display, then flared jeans will be a good choice for you, the upper part is usually tight while the lower part is wider.

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5. Mom jeans.

Mom jeans are baggy, although they still look nice regardless. They look great on slender and plus-sized ladies who love loose-fitting trousers.

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6. Ripped Jeans.

Ripped jeans are also known as crazy jeans, they suit ladies who love to look stylish at a party or hang out with friends. 

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