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How to Relieve Pain from Tight Braids

If you’re currently wearing tight braids or you plan to make any of these styles soon, here are some tips that will help you relieve the pain from tight braids:

1. Apply Vaseline or oil to the root of your braids; To reduce the pain, tension, and tightness around your head, it's best to apply oil or vaseline. You can also use the oil to massage your head.


Please use only your finger tips to massage the root of your hair.




Furthermore, you can put your oil in the refrigerator for about seven to ten minutes before using it to massage your head. The cooling sensation you will get from the cold oil will help to reduce or even stop the pain.

2. Massage your head with hot or cold water; if you frequent the saloon, you've probably noticed that most hair stylists do this frequently on any braided hairstyle.

They usually apply very hot water to the tip of the hair to lessen the weight, and then properly massage the root with hot water too. The reason why they use hot water is that when you apply heat to any attachment, it becomes soft and elastic, thus reducing pain. And if you use hot water to press the root of your braids, you loosen the tightness at the root and also cause it to relax very well.

Please make sure you carry out this process with a soft towel so you don't injure yourself. Use a big wrapper to place on your back so that you won't get hurt if the hot water pours on you eventually. 


If you can't stand the heat that comes out of hot water, you are free to use cold water. 


4. You can loosen the tightness of your braid with your hands. This method needs a lot of carefulness. Don't over stretch your hair so you don't feel too much pain.

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