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FASHION: 15 Dressing rules for 2020 Everyone should know

Fashion is part of life, part of the world that can not be left out, it is something we all can't do without. alot of people have misused the concept of fashion and styles in so many ways without being aware of this.

   Most people define fashion, as the way of dressing, wearing something quite expensive to impress others or just wearing any thing that matches in colours and this is not true.

    Fashion is more than just waking up, and throwing anything on in the name of clothing. to me, fashion is defined by our mindset, the act to recreate and differentiate between what looks best for your body type, and what fits whatever thing you decide to wear, and wearing the right clothing to the right occasions with styles.

  I will be writing on some simple dressing rules, alot of people are not aware of and Corrections to some fashion styles we have been using wrongly. do not forget to click on the follow button to get notified of recent updates from Vickygblog. 

20 Dressing rules Everyone should know

1. When you wear socks inside your shoes, you should make sure it is long enough to cover your legs to avoid embarrassment in public. 

2. Suits are not meant for everyone. but if you must put on one, you should make to iron it. imagine wearing a rumped suid to office or for an official appointment. it does not speak good of any individual.

3. Do not wear an official suit trouser or office skirt on polo.

4. When you wear a long sleeve that requires nodding tie make sure the tie gets to your waist line. it should be above your waistline or below your belt.

5. When you wear a tight skirt or trouser as a lady, do well to check if your clothes to avoid your underwear line showing, it is really embarrassing.

6. If you should wear a chain or necklace on turtle neck, make sure it is long enough. otherwise, do not wear any.

7. If you wear a gown with open shoulders make sure it is long enough to reach your legs. do not wear short gowns with open shoulders. if you must wear a short gown it should be covered at your upper body.

8. It is not appropriate to wear cardigan or sweat shirts that does not cover your stomach. if the clothes is too short, you can wear a black or not too bright colored siglet inside, it will add more styles to your clothing.

9. Don't wear bright coloured skirts and bright coloured tops. it is better to wear plain colours of skirt to mixed coloured skirts.

10. When you wear a trouser, let the colour of your shoes match with that of your belt.

11. This is how to button a suit.

12. when you wear a suit do not forget to remove the tag.

13. Do not expose too much of your upper body as a lady, it does not make you look responsible.

14. Stop wearing colour riot, to avoid embarrassment in public as all eyes will be on you. Make sure two or three of what you have on goes together.

15. When you wear a necklace, do not wear rings, chains, earrings and bracelet together. it makes your look weird. you can wear some, but do not wear everything together in one dress. as a lady you should know this secret of dressing. 

I hope you learnt something new today from Vickygblog, please do not forget to share to your family and friends who might find this useful and leave a comment below.

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