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6 Make up Items to Pack for a Short Trip

If you are a make-up lover, leaving them while you are on a trip is a sin. However, you can still go along with a few essential items that will ensure your face looks as beautiful as before. Understand that you may be tempted to pick almost half of the make-up tools in your box, but try to hold yourself back to avoid carrying extra loads. Besides, if it's a short trip, it is not that wise to pack everything.

Check the following list for essential make-up materials you need.

1. Foundation

Of course, you should hold on to that favorite tool that hides all blemishes and spots. When it comes to foundation, you will want to choose a quality one that you won't need to touch all day.

2. Powder

After foundation comes powder; like foundation, a good powder needs just a little appliance to enhance your face. If you already have concealer or foundation on your face, you only need a little powder. 

3. Facial spray

How to use a face mist? -

If you sweat easily or have an oily face, a face spray is important to keep your make-up in place and avoid touching it now and then to clean off sweat.

4. Bronzer

Since it comes in small containers, you can hold it. A bronzer can make your face shine and glow. This item is essential if the trip is for an event like a wedding. Bronzer can warm up the face and bring life back into the skin. Get one that matches your skin tone.

5. Lipstick

Of course! It would help if you had lipstick in your bag whether you are on a trip or not. It enhances your look in seconds and makes you beautiful. Pick your lipstick color based on the color outfit you pick. To be safe, red, pink, and nude lipstick should be enough to match any outfit.

6. Eye pencil

You must draw and accentuate your brows. It can also double as an eye liner while you are on a trip.

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