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Are You Wearing The Right Bra? Here Are Few Tips To Help You Find Your Ideal Bra Size(Photos)

The bra is a basic piece of clothing that every woman should have. However, for everyday wear or special occasions, a perfect fit bra is preferred over a similar type that may not be suitable at all times. Hence the right one is a perfect gift for any lady who wants to show off her feminine side in a sophisticated way.

An ill fitted bra can harm you in more ways than one. Not only do they speak ill of your aesthetic dressing sense but aren’t too great for your bust either. From ligament ruptures to migraines to back problems, many health hazards find their origin in ill-fitted bras. It is important therefore to make sure you choose the right size that can do you more good than bad.

Here are some tips that can help you find your best fitted size.

Watch The Band And Strap Size: Start by measuring your chest with a tape measure and then adding 2 inches to get your size. A well-fitted bra should hug your br**sts perfectly. However, if the back belt of your bra keeps going up and not balanced, then you may need to be re-measured.

The Right Cup Size: Always keep in mind that the bra needs to fit your br**sts the way a hand would fit in a glove; just right and not too tight.

Check Size Carefully: Measurements and sizes are all very important but knowing that sizes may vary according to different brands, it's therefore important you try wearing it to verify the size.

Check The Right Size With These Hacks

1. If you have sagging br**st then pull up your shoulder straps so the measurement lady can take accurate measurement so you don't get stuck to a faulty size forever.

2. Different styles of bras can shape your br**sts differently, be mindful of what styles you pick for longer hours.

4. Flip and wave your arms while trying on a bra to see if the band climbs up or if it spills over and falls out. Shoulder strap adjustments come in handy at such times if need be.

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