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5 Ways to Style Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are functional trousers. They are another casual and comfortable alternative to jeans. A cargo pant is a trouser with a couple of large pockets by the sides or front. They are probably called cargo because you can put many things into your pockets. The khaki trousers are easy to wear for dressing up or down.

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This year has witnessed many revamped-styled, and we are here to show you the best ways to wear yours. 

1. Style with a jacket

This combination is an effortless way to style your cargo pants. With a crop top or camisole, you can layer up with your jacket and pair it with suitable footwear.

2. Cargo pants and a plain T-shirt

This is another easy way to wear your cargo trousers. Wear a white or black T-shirt over your pant and step out elegantly. You can jack up with a part of sneakers or slippers.

3. Cargo pants and sweatshirt

This combination makes for another casual wear. When it looks like the weather is chilly, bring out these two clothing pieces. Style up with accessories to offer a laid-back and stylish appearance.

4. Cargo pants and turtleneck 

Trust me; this is a style you won't want to miss. This combination can make you look curvier than you imagine. If you, however, want to hide your stomach, you can go for a loose top with some tightness at the neck.

5. Cargo with a graphic shirt

This is a very common way of wearing cargo pants. With flip-flops and light accessories, you can quickly run errands and look great. 

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