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Nail isn't what you should joke with, check out how you can have a healthy and strong nails

Nails are what most people do not consider as important but actually we need to care for them like we care for our skin and hair.

Leaving them unkempt is not good enough as it can cause germs to get stuck inside them, which will inturn cause infections.

Having healthy and strong nails shows that you are living a healthy life, as nails are not what you can joke with.

To take care of your nails, the following needs to be done

I. Healthy foods: it is important to consume a balanced diet, this will help to strength your nail and also prevent unnecessary breakage of the nails.

It is necessary to consume foods that are rich in magnesium, iron, protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin rich foods.

II. Regular hydration: it is necessary to take enough water as this will make your nails to be strong and have healthy growth.

III. Limit the way you use acrylic nails and polish to avoid pealing of nails and brittleness. 

iv. Regular consumption of biotin supplement helps in strengthening the hair and nails. 

v. Trimming of the nails are important as it helps to keep them clean and strong, and also helps in reducing the way dirts get stucked inside the nails.

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