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Using a beauty blender the wrong way? See the right way to Use a beauty blender

Beauty Blender is the most popular and universally recognized beauty tool in the makeup world. There’s a reason this sponge holds a special place in every professional makeup artists’ kit – it is made from the best material, and its edgeless shape makes it incredibly unique. With an abundance of knockoffs on the market, you may be tempted to purchase a cheaper beauty sponge. But let me tell you, you will miss out on some amazing benefits by doing so. If you’re considering getting a Beauty Blender or already own one, read on to find out how you can make the most of this phenomenal tool.

1. Wet Your Beauty Blender Before Every Use

2. Use Different Areas Of The Beauty Blender For Different Things.

The Beauty Blender is shaped like an egg for a reason. You can use the rounded edges to apply makeup to larger areas of your face, like your cheeks and forehead. Use the pointed edge for hard-to-reach areas that need precision, like the sides of your nose, your under eyes, and along the lips. Blend it all out and put its egg shape to good use!

3. Stipple Away!

If you drag or wipe the Beauty Blender across your face with a heavy hand, you’re doing it wrong. What you should do is stipple. The stippling motion involves brief patting motions to deposit the makeup onto your skin and blend it out at the same time. 

4. Keep It Clean!

Each time you finish using your Beauty Blender, clean it with a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo and water or with the Beauty Blender cleaning solution. 

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Beauty Blender Stipple


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