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Beautiful PHOTOS of HAND Painting that resembles animals.

Body painting is one of the greatest form of art. That takes only a person with a great talents and insight to be able to draw out something unimaginable. It is no way the same as drawing on a board or canvas. Such an individual must be truly talented and skilful to think out of the box, and design a fellow human being or rather him or herself.

Body painting can be done on various parts of the body, and sometimes it can be taken for tattoos or fashion. As most people do it for fashion and sometimes it is done to shows talents. But it is most important to note that. Body painting differs from tattoos in the sense that tattoo involves using a Needle to insert ink into second layers of the skin.

And most times, it is permanent. While body painting could be done in the same pattern as drawing on a canvas or board, not necessarily like Tattoos. And most times it is not permanent. It could be used to describe a particular event, potray a picture of somebody or even am animal. 

This aspects of body painting, also called hand painting. In which the hand is thee only focus, not the entire body. It also looks quite amazing how such individual could painstakingly draw out something on his or her hand.

Here below, are photos of hand painting or different kinds of animals. That really looks unbelievable. This is truly a display of talent, skill and persistent. Hand Painting of different animals, ranging from birds, tigers, elephants and lots others.

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