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Different Ways Of Attaching Pockets To Your Attires

Every outfit needs pockets, so be sure to add them to the appropriate category of clothing.

This post will begin with a list of places where you can add pockets to your clothing, and then I'll give you some advice on how to look nice wearing dresses with pockets.

- You can add two Pockets at the bottom of your dress, placing them near to the hem. This is a very original and lovely method to add pockets to your clothing.

- As seen in the picture below, you can sew your pocket near to the waistline of your gown. You are permitted to use a material other than the one used in sewing the gown .

- You can also add pockets to the section of your gown that covers your chest; this is an old style in the world of women's design.

- You are able to add a really striking pocket to the front of your gown, similar to the one in the sample below.

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