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6 Types Of Braziers For Women

One of the challenges some women face is the issue of knowing what kind of bra to wear for different dresses and occasions. This is because a lot of women do not have the different types of bras that are available for them and their uses.

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Also, different types of bras suit certain body types, for instance, women with bigger chest sizes are expected to wear full cup bras with thick straps for comfortability while women with smaller chests should put on push-up bras.

In this article, I will provide ladies with information on 6 types of bras suitable for different purposes.

1. Strapless pushup braziers

Although this bra is more suited for chubby ladies with small chests because strapless bras need to be properly fitted for you to feel comfortable in them. They render to women who want their bust to appear bigger. They are suitable for sleeveless dresses, off-shoulder tops, and so on.

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2. Caged braziers

Caged bras usually come with additional straps attached to them. It is suitable for both slim and chubby ladies. For ladies who are afraid of their bra strap cutting off or not being strong enough, this can be a perfect solution as the extra straps provided will help hold the bra fit in an event that this happens.

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3. Nursing braziers

When women give birth there is usually an increase in their chest size which means they would have firmer and bigger bras for adequate support, hence the need for nursing bras. A nursing bra also helps a nursing mother to feed her baby with ease as it normally comes with extra outlets made specifically for feeding babies.

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4. Curvy bralette

This bra is very suitable for chubby ladies who are not into push-up bras or padded bras. This bra helps in providing adequate support for your chest area. It is one of the most comfortable bras for ladies with full chests. They usually come with tick straps. They can be worn in both loose and tight dresses. They can be worn as outer garments also.

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5. Full cup braziers

Full cup braziers provide full coverage of the chest area. It is suited for ladies who love to appear decent and well covered. It also provides adequate support for the chest area.

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6. Plunge braziers

This type of bra is essential for low-cut or low-back dresses. A plunge bra is normally made seamless to make the bra outline invisible for tight or light dresses. This makes it suitable for ladies who like to wear low-cut dresses and for ladies who like to put on tight dresses.

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Next time you go shopping, have this in mind so that you don’t buy the wrong type of bar for the wrong purpose.

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