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Apart from preventing asthma attack, see other attributes of beards

Beards are hairs that appear on the jaw region of the face of mainly men during puberty.It is a sign of maturity that men and some women experience.when one develops beards it's a sign that one has reach maturity.

A beard is a sign of active testosterone in the body, and human brains recognize that as coming with the potential for more aggression. As a result, men with beards are often seen as more angry, aggressive, or dominant, even if their personality has none of those traits.

Some attributes of beards include;

1,Beards makes one look healthier

2,Beards helps in preventing allergies

3,Beards are helpful in prevention of asthma attacks

4,Beards prevent rashes on the face

5,Beards also help in protecting skin from Sun.

6,One gets physically attracted with beards

Growing of beards would attract many attributes to someone.the above attributes is really important for a well being.Beards shouldn't be considered unhealthy any longer.

Bears should be well cared for and comb thoroughly to avoid having ugly bears and also to avoid invading of some ecto-parasite like tick.

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