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3 Adorable Fashion Moments Of AY Comedian’s Wife, Mabel Makun To Tickle Your Fancy.

Mabel Makun is the wife of popular comedian, Ayo Makun. She has an exquisite taste in fashion. She is a beautiful woman, having the perfect outfit to slay at her events. Fashion is simply the type pf outfit that we use to adorn our body, having a significant importance in portraying our personality out in public.

We have many beautiful women in Nigeria who dress up well, but Mabel captured my attention at first sight. She rocked her dress style based on her skin tone, understanding that either bright or dull colored outfits compliments her perfectly. She knows her way around fashionable outfits, making her the center of attention at events.

Below are some of her fashionable moments over the years, she looks alluring to the human eyes.

1. The short outfit.

Mabel appearance in this outfit is eccentric, making her look like royalty among her peers. Knowing the perfect outfit to rock to an event is a big flex, it prevents the wearer from having a fashion disaster in public. The outfit has different flowery patterns on it, making it chic and classy.

The short gown is long-sleeved, suitable for events during the cold weather. Mabel slayed perfectly in this outfit, looking like an empress.2. The long outfit.

This is another outfit rocked by Mabel, it compliments her body structure perfectly. The long cream gown has a pattern of fur around the neckline, making her look like a diva. The other part of the gown has no inscriptions, leaving the outfit plain and bare.

Mabel closet should be studied by fashionistas, she has a distinctive pattern at which she dress to capture the attention of the public.3. The 2-piece outfit.

Mabel Makun rock this outfit with style, she looks alluring in the dress style. As the name implies, it consists of two different outfits with different colors. The black top is long-sleeved, hugging her body tightly, while outfits her curves.

The red patterned trouser complimented the black top perfectly, making her look like a diva. Rocking an exquisite outfit is Mabel’s specialty, she never fails to deliver.

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