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6 Common Mistakes Women Make with Their Bras And Here's How To Correct It

Before we dive into the main topic of the day let's refresh our mind on what a bra is!

What is a bra?

Well, a bra also known as "brassiere" or "brassiere", is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support or cover a wearer's breasts. However, bras are made or designed for variety of purposes like: enhancing a woman's breast size, creating cleavage and for other practical or aesthetic reasons. So when a bra is wore in a wrong way, it has a lot of side effects which will be treated later.

However, it's a normal thing that not all of us is perfect and we all make mistakes but when it comes to bras and boobs, it’s very important to get things done the right way for your comfort and lifespan of your beautiful new bras. However, here are the most common bra mistakes women make:

1. Mistake of not buying a quality bra

This is undoubtedly the most important point even if bras don't appear different from quality ones but you definitely tell the difference when you put it on. However, a good quality bra will fit in more comfortably right from the minute you put it on and also it will provide all day support your boobs will need and also still hold it's appearance for months even if wore or washed.

2. Your breast tissue is spilling over the top of the bra cup

Most people call it overspilling or bulging. But the truth here is that you'll never be comfortable if your breast tissue is spilling out over the top of the cup. What this actually tells is that you’re wearing a wrong bra or size. So when purchasing a new bra, try increasing up a cup size or two as this will make your boobs more relax and comfortable.

3. The back band isn’t parallel to the floor( it's riding up your at your back)

Do you know that your bra band is the main key for a good boob support? It's best that the bottom edge of your bra should be level and straight all around your body because if band faulty or too loose, the cups will fall down, thereby making your boobs to sag. Also, if the band is too tight, it can dig into the skin and create a painful unflattering lines on your shoulders and back side. These lines are usually visible when you not wearing your bra. So try as much to wear a bra with a good band.

4. Bad storage of bras

The best way to store your bra is to stack your bras in a row so the cups fit into each other in when they are dry like in the picture above. Also you can hang them on a hangers in your closet and avoid folding bras in half with one cup inside the other to avoid damaging the shape of the bra.

5. Keeping bras for too long or even years

However, the average lifespan of a bra when properly maintained and hand washed is around 6 months as its elastics will have be broken down and may no longer give your boobs the right support it needs.

6. Wearing the same bra too often and also forgetting to adjust the straps when you put on the bra

Wearing the same bra maybe for about two days in a row, so doing you aren't allowing the bra to rest as that can make the bra loose it lifespan. So try to have even if two or three bras so that you can easily rotate them throughout the week.

Also when you wear your bra, always make sure you lift the straps of the bra from the front and over your shoulder so that the cup fits into your boobs and also tightens any slack that’s left over at your back.

Content created and supplied by: Kingjoakim (via Opera News )


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