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Which Kind Of Airbrush Makeup Is The Best?

What Is Airbrush Makeup & How Does It Work? [Ultimate Guide]

For people that are involved in advanced or specialty makeup, there is one question that keeps recurring: which kind of airbrush makeup is the best- water-based, alcohol-based or silicone-based?

This question might not appeal to others, but it is a serious cause for a number of minor disagreements between makeup artists, and even makeup users.

1.      Water-based airbrush is best for people with oily skin. Also, it will help you create an easy, everyday look.

Tan foundation for Airbrush Makeup - CORE

2.      Silicone-based airbrush is the type to go for if you’re looking for durability. It is perfect for dry skin, and will stay on, even when exposed to moisture.

Haokaini Airbrush Makeup Portable Challenge the lowest price Air Spraye  Mini Brush

3.      Alcohol-based airbrush works best when you’re trying to create special effects, for body painting, and for covering up tattoos.

In essence, the best way to answer the question is the saying “to each their own”. While some artists swear by one or the other, others have a different idea. Just pick what works best for you, and go with it.

Oxygen Injection Adjustable Facial Airbrush Makeup Kit - China Oxygen  Airbrush and Oxygen Mini Air Oxygen price |

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