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Shirt and Tie Combinations You Need to Try

Pairing a shirt with a tie is not as easy as most people think. It's hard-won that involves deciding which shade of color blends with another. It is more difficult when you are confined to wearing a suit for most of the week. That means you need to develop new styles and colors every day, which can be time-consuming, so many men choose the safest option available. The result is a boring and ordinary look. There is no harm in trying new colors that can at least enhance your look every day.

In this guide, you will learn about new ways to blend your shirt and tie.

White shirt and any tie 

If you have been trying to play it safe by wearing white and red all this while, I am here to tell you to try other colors as well. A white shirt can absorb any color and make it glow. So, it doesn't matter what color of tie you wear with it; you will still look smart.

Striped shirt with a diagonally striped tie

A stripe on another stripe is something daring for you, but this combination can take you up a style notch if worn right. Start with a striped navy blue shirt and pair it with your diagonal stripe. Ensure the stripes on your tie are bigger than the ones on the shirt.

A blue shirt and blue tie

A blue shirt and blue tie is a way you can play it safe by not breaking any rule. Notch your dressing up by picking a shirt with a lighter color to the tie. You may also add different patterns and textures.

Striped Shirt and spotted tie

If you want to appear stunning with this combination, ensure your combination is not too busy. As such, avoid bold shirt tries and too many bright spots on the tie. It is best to opt for a tie with white spots, navy or grey.

Blue shirt and burgundy tie

This outfit is a great combination every man must try. The two hues can bring out a unique look. Instead of sticking to the safe blue and blue, a merge with burgundy will produce an amazing result.

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