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You Can Tell A Persons Personality Using These Simple Tricks

1. The way a person hang toilet paper can reveal how assertive they’re: Those, who roll the toilet paper over, be likely to be dominant, while those who roll it under be likely to be submissive.

2. Whether a person is an extrovert or narcissist revealed by their email: People who use words like “depressed” & “angry” have lowered emotional intelligence. People who talked about music and parties are extroverts (i.e very outspoken). Unsurprisingly, narcissists talk about themselves, by using words such as "I," "me," and "mine."

3. Specific behavior can reveal whether a person is a perfectionist or not: Research suggests that those who pull their hair, bite their nails, & pick their skin are a perfectionist. These behaviors are the way for perfectionists to feel better by doing something instead of nothing.

4. Personality type is revealed by your punctuality: If you’re reaching everywhere late then you have “Type B (flexible, relaxed, laid-back attitude)”. If you’re reaching everywhere on time, then you have “Type A (competitive, aggressive, achievement-oriented)”.

5. How many times people refreshes their Facebook reveals lots about their emotional stability: One study had found out, if you're constantly refreshing your Facebook feed or email, you’re emotionally unstable and you’re trying to boost your mood.

6. Handshake reveals lots about personality: A weak handshake and a lack of steady eye contact shows a lack of self-confidence in a person. People who look at their partners more often are more dominant & confident.

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