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3 Types Of Outfits Rocked By Nigerian Women In The 70's & 80's Which No One Cares About Anymore

Change is a constant thing in this life, and no one can ever change that. As the years pass by, many things will surely change. The things that happened in the past will be different from the ones that will happen in the future. The kind of outfits people were putting on in the ancient days is very different from the ones we are putting on today, that's the change I'm talking about.

The kind of cars and houses that were trending in the '80s is very different from the cars we use today. Everything has changed and that's how it will keep on changing. There are different types of outfits Nigerian ladies were rocking in the ancient days which no one cares to wear these days because they are now old school.

Even if you see those kinda outfits in the market today, you won't want to buy them. Everyone goes with the latest trend. In this article, you will see different outfits which were rocked by our ancestors then.

1. Long skirts and blouses: During the '70s and '80s, Nigerian women always wear long skirts, you hardly see anyone wearing short skirts. Then, women believed in covering their nakedness, unlike these days.

Ladies now wear half-naked clothes to anywhere they are going without shame. The styles of these long skirts and blouses look different from the styles that are sewn these days.

2. Blouse and wrapper: The blouse and wrapper of the ancient Nigerian ladies look different from the ones we wear these days. The styles look very different, no doubt about that at all. You can see it in these photos.

3. Shirt, skirt and long socks: Many of you know about this kind of outfit. These outfits were worn by teachers during the olden days, especially headmasters and professors. Should I call it the corporate outfit of the '80s? And this kinda outfit is always worn with a very long tie and wide trousers, and a very long pair of socks.

No one cares about these kinda outfits these days, because everyone is chasing the new trend of fashion. If you still have old photos of your grandparents, you will see them rocking some of these outfits in the photos. Very soon, the fashion designs we rock today will become something of the past, and no one will care about them anymore. That's how it is, and no one can change that. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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