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Colour Shades Dark Men Should Avoid

Even if it looks like you are becoming out of fashion, you should avoid certain colors of outfits. Of course, the rule about fashion is flexible, but if you are intentional about your fashion game, you should avoid some styling as a dark-tone skin. The point is to go for colors that can pronounce your style uniquely and attractively. In this article, I will show you the colors you should avoid as a dark man.

1. Dark

Just like when you pair two colors together, it is hard to differentiate. Wearing dark clothes or outfits doesn't pop up on you. Instead, it makes you look dull and hidden. It is best you go for contrasting colors, not necessarily bright, that match your skin. You may try white, off-white, lighter brown, and blue.

2. Navy Blue

Navy blue might look good on your brown-toned or light friend, but not for you. It doesn't flatter your skin or your entire style. Besides, it is not eye-pleasing and often makes your look ordinary. Try a lighter hue of blue or yellow.

3. Brown

Brown, especially brown, fades you out. It blends perfectly with your skin and doesn't add more details than that. You can go for beige, nude, or khaki-color clothes, which accentuate your skin and outfit more.

4. Silver

Silver might look stunning and attractive on its own, but never on dark-skin men. It makes you look too bright and more. You shouldn't try silver accessories or jewelry as well. Better still, stick to gold.

5. Light green

Light shades often look good on dark-skin men, but light green doesn't count. This shade brings attention to your style, but not the right attention. It makes people squint to look at you, and that can be fashion-damaging.

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